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Match Report - vs Eagles

The whistle blew & the team had a slow start that found Eagle Ladies putting some pressure on our defence. A few minutes into the first half we began to gain most of the possession with good combinations of play. We were awarded a short corner in the 1st half where Eva slapped the ball into the D that found Arianne hit it in, mid-air past the keeper. 1-0 up.

Minutes later the chemistry between Kamyl & Arianne created an amazing play that once again saw Arianne slot it past the keeper. 2-0. Lorena, in goal, made some crucial saves for the team together with the defence to keep the scoreline at 0 once the halftime whistle blew giving us a comfortable lead at the break.

The second half started and we demonstrated our composure & organised plays. Gayle Langtry had an excellent performance at the back and managed to make a steal minutes before the whistle blew keeping a clean sheet. Special mention to Tina who made her debut match today! Unfortunately, we were unable to convert any more goals in the second half however we are extremely happy with our performance.

We take a break next weekend and continue the hard work for our next game. Well done team!

Thank you Sam & Jobim for umpiring our game.

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