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First League Match vs Bavaria Hawks, Season 21/22

The game started with both teams trying to set the pace. Strikers De Torres and Gracia led the full press with Silva, D.Garcia, and Sanchez plugging in blocking every possible outlet. Both Emma and Louise Flower were constantly running at defenders on the wings, stretching their defence and opening opportunities to our offensive play. Halfway through the first quarter Hammond and new signing Olivero, both pacy forwards, stepped into the pitch to continue being a nuisance to Bavaria's backline. We were now clearly dominating the game and got close to a goal when captain D.Garcia's shot went wide off the second post, a touch from Olivero would have most definitely seen the ball at the back of the net.

The signs were positive. Minutes later, after good link-up play, E.Flower unselfishly found Olivero unmarked. The young debutant, with great composure, slotted the ball past Bavaria's young keeper, 1- 0. Europa continued to be aggressive on their high press, and it was evident that Bavaria could not find the answers.

Unfortunately, the game's bright mood was stalled by a nasty injury. The ball came off Bavaria's top defender, Niamh, and unluckily struck her on her face, causing damage to her lip and front teeth. We wish Niamh a speedy recovery and hope to see her on the pitch soon. Niamh is a class act and is a credit to our sport.

The game had just restarted when Olivero found De Torres on the second post who with finesse guided the ball over the line making it 2-0.

Our strategy was going to plan, but we understood the quality of Bavaria could hurt us if we became complacent. We worked hard for each other and stayed well-focused and disciplined. Riley and Woods played in various positions but had no intentions of disappointing. They pressed hard and were involved in some great patterns of play. Silva, Sanchez, and skipper D.Garcia couldn't stop running. They controlled the middle of the park and covered pretty much every inch of the turf.

Emma and Louise Flower again showed that as long as there's still a drop in their tank they will keep running up and down the flanks. Keeper Nuñez was constantly vocal and instrumental in the resetting of the team and the organisation of our back three. Credit to our shape, our press, and the work of our backline, Nuñez had a relatively quiet game in terms of threats but was sharp and alert in the occasions she had to intervene or produce the odd save. The back three on the day, L.Garcia, Langtry, and A.Garcia were immense, so good, so calm, so mature, not only dealing comfortably with every counter-attack but in our out letting and transferring too. Turnock was always ready to give any of the back three a rest and played extremely well maintaining the standards and the balance at the back.

Unfortunately, we didn't convert any of our corners, one from Langtry deflected over the crossbar by Duo, a couple saved by Bavarias brave young keeper, and one that rocketed into the goal from a Sanchez's hit but unfortunately did not hit the backboard.

All in all, a great team performance, every single player played an instrumental part in the game, and I'm sure everyone involved, including the spectators, would agree it was a clear and well-deserved win.

We now prepare well for our next match vs Eagles on Sunday 27th at 2pm.

We would like to thank Umpires Grech and Head & both photographers, Christian & Neil for taking some great shots of our first league game.

Check some of these out below!

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