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Catch-up with Coach Zammit & Assistant Coach Flower

We caught up with Coach Zammit & Assistant Coach Flower to talk about their thoughts on the team & our progress so far...

Coach Christian Zammit

What are your expectations for the team in the upcoming 21/22 season?

My expectations for the team really haven't changed much from last season, we aim for progress and we ensure we are ready to compete. Its also really important we enjoy every game, every occasion and every competition.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Generally my coaching style is Democratic. I try to facilitate decision making and goal setting with input from the players instead of dictating to them. I give a lot of autonomy to players, who pretty much determine their progress and direction. On rare occasions I feel I need to take a more autocratic approach but on the other hand I do adopt a holistic approach too depending on the players responds, the exercise we are carrying out or the situation in a game.

How is preseason coming along?

The preseason is going to plan. The players are responding really well, we are getting fitter, stronger on the ball and seems like every single player is training with a smile which is great. The atmosphere in the camp is superb. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes too and result of that is also very rewarding. We have new faces too which is exciting.


Assistant Coach Gareth Flower

How was the experience of the girls final game when they became league winners?

I have lived many exciting experiences and games during my time as a player with Grammarians HC and the National side but this one was different. I had feelings that I had not had in a long time.

I wanted the team to experience the feeling of giving everything and winning and it happened. It was very emotional and really against all odds. A dream come true winning a league and on top of the that with two daughters playing in the team. Couldn’t ask for anymore really.

What do you expect for the upcoming season?

We have set the barrier pretty high and of course we want to win again. I want the team to play good hockey and develop into a difficult team to beat. We also have the European Cup to look forward to which is really exciting for the team.

How are you seeing the progress of the team & players as individuals?

The team has gone a very long way in the last year. We have started training and already you can see the progress in fitness, approach to training sessions and generally the team looks more professional.

Individually all the girls have progressed and continue to do so. It’s a pleasure coaching them always appreciative and receptive throughout the sessions. Personally I’m really enjoying myself and look forward to training. Christian and I have an excellent working relationship which I think we transmit to the girls so this makes decision making a lot easier.

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